Firearm Offences

Courts always treat firearms offences very seriously. We have a vast amount of experience with firearms offences and have routinely handled and dealt with a number of cases relating to firearms including section 189 non-prohibited person applications.

The criminal lawyers at Altius Partners Lawyers are aware that there are often serious repercussions following a guilty finding for a firearms offence. A finding of guilt can impact employment, particularly for those working within the security industry.

On entering a plea of guilty you may be found to be a prohibited person with respect to your firearms licence and will have to forfeit all your guns. There are a number of potentially aggravating features in relation to firearms offences so it is important that you sit down with a lawyer from Altius Partners to discuss the facts particular to your case.

If you have been charged with firearm offences, call Altius Partners Lawyers on 03 9642 2116 today, and speak with one of our experienced lawyers to determine the best approach to your case.

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