Student Visa

Studying in Australia

Student visa is the most essential document for international students who wish to study in Australia. It’s a permission given to students of other foreign countries by the government of Australia to fulfil their educational dreams and earn international degree. To ensure speed visa processing, Australian DIAC has introduced SVP (streamlined visa processing) which allows a student to apply for visa faster with easier access to get admitted into Australian universities, institutes and partner programs. in order to satisfy visa requirements you need the following requirements


English Proficiency

English language skills are highly essential for international students of non –English speaking countries that are why; the university intends the students to possess certain English level scores such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE and OXFORD assessments to apply for universities. This helps the universities to analyse the students overall English skills to provide admission into their universities. DIAC also requires the students to possess the scores in order to act as a supporting document for a substantial visa success.

Academic Level

Academia history in order such as schools, undergraduate, vocational training institutes, post graduate, pg diplomas. Work experience letters are also included and increase the chance for getting your visa.[/tab]

Offer Letter Eligibility

Offer letter from the university is the second most important document an international student should possess to prove that he has been offered a place in the University for a Dedicated Program. Ones the offer letter has been accepted, the student may have get a call from GTE officials to check the transparency of student through which he would receive the confirmation of enrolment (COE) ones he shows the sufficient funds to the university with genuine financial track record.

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