Family Law

The family lawyers at our Melbourne office are a dedicated and compassionate team with extensive knowledge of family, relationship, marriage and divorce matters.

We recognise the importance of listening and understanding our clients’ individual and personal difficulties during this emotional and demanding process, which is why we handle each case with the utmost devotion to provide the best possible outcome. Your family lawyer at Altius Partners will ensure you feel supported and able to share your story, so that we’re able to help secure the best possible outcome for you. Our aim is to ensure that you are able to get on with living the life you deserve as soon as possible.

With years of experience and an empathetic attitude, we have helped many clients get their lives back on track and in order. We are committed to achieving a negotiated settlement wherever possible. If litigation becomes necessary, we have extensive experience in representing clients in the courts.

You can be sure that your interests are protected with the minimum amount of stress.

Our areas of expertise are extensive in areas such as:

Divorce: We can explain your rights and the requirements in plain English, as well as helping you prepare the necessary court documents.

De Facto relationships: De facto couples have many of the same legal rights (regarding property, children etc) as married couples. We will advise you of your rights and help put you in order should you decide to separate.

Child support/maintenance: We can help you get a fair deal when it comes to child support payments.

Spousal maintenance: Our family lawyers can help you reach an agreement with your former spouse, as well as taking further action should that be required.

Binding Financial Agreements: Binding Financial Agreements are contracts between former spouses or partners regarding their shared finances. We can help negotiate or draft an agreement, or enforce an existing agreement.

Property settlements: Our team can help with both negotiations and the preparation of settlement agreement documents.

Mediations: Altius Partners has exclusive access to some of the best specialist mediators in Melbourne. We can arrange mediation between you and your former partner.

Paternity: We can help you with a range of paternity-related matters, from challenging child support payments to gaining visitation with your child.

Wills and deceased estate: Ensure that your family is provided for after your demise. We can draft a will for you which ensures your property is dealt with in accordance with your wishes.

For more information or to make your initial appointment with one of our family lawyers, call 03 9642 2116 anytime – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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