Drug Offences

A drug crime is considered a criminal act when it involves using, growing, manufacturing, preparing for sale or selling, importing illegal substances or narcotics. As soon as the police arrest you for a drug-related offence, ask for a lawyer and refrain from answering questions until you speak to one so you do not incriminate yourself further. Request to call an experienced Altius Partners Lawyer immediately on 03 9642 2116, and we will advise you on what you should or shouldn’t do. This is a critical step in the case as police obtain most of their evidence leading to criminal convictions at the interrogation stage.

We have extensive knowledge and experience defending those who are charged with drug offences, ranging from small time drug trafficking to those accused of involvement in the largest drug busts including possession, importation, trafficking, distribution, manufacturing, cultivation and complicated conspiracies. Representing an individual charged with a drug offence requires a particular skill set; investigatory, legal research, writing submissions and cross-examination skills.

There are a number of illegal drugs/substances that are commonly drug crime offences; Marijuana, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, methamphetamine, LSD and crystal meth are the most common drugs.

Drug crimes fall under the following categories:

  • Drug Possession for Personal Use – Having a small quantity of illicit drugs on you generally results in a possessions charge.  Moreover, if a passenger in your vehicle has an illicit drug, you also may be arrested for possession.
  • Drug Possession for Sale – Police officers may assume that a person intends to sell drugs when he or she has a large quantity of narcotics.  A possession for sale conviction frequently carries jail sentences so its imperative that you seek advice from us immediately if charged.
  • Drug Distribution/Trafficking -Just transferring possession of drugs, including prescriptions, can result in a trafficking arrest. Also simple possession of a traffickable quantity for example; 3 grams of meth-amphetamines will result in a presumption of trafficking and therefore a charge of trafficking, which can be successfully defended if the amount is for personal use.
  • Commercial/Large Commercial Drug Trafficking – Commercial drug trafficking charges often occur where the allegation concerns a large quantity of drugs which is many times the trafficable quantity for example 250grams of pure meth-amphetamines or 500grams mixed. If you’re charged with commercial trafficking, penalties range from 25years for commercial to life in prison for large commercial quantity. Contact Altius Partners Lawyers immediately if you are charged.
  • Drug Manufacture -People accused of producing illicit drugs need an experienced criminal defence lawyer because common penalties are lengthy immediate jail terms.
  • Drug Cultivation – Growing illicit drugs such as marijuana is a criminal offence, and punishments vary based on the number of plants and the weight involved.  If the courts find you guilty of cultivating even a single plant, you face jail time, fines, and other penalties.
  • Drug Importation Conspiracies – Just agreeing to help someone bring into the country a prohibited drug can get you into trouble with the law and serious jail time, under commonwealth law.
  • It is also considered a drug crime using an over-the-counter drug or prescription drug for an illegal purpose. eg extracting pseudoephadrine from cold and flu tablets to using xanax without prescription. If convicted, drug crimes result in serious consequences.

If you have been charged with a drug crime you will need an experienced and the best criminal defence lawyer from Altius Partners Lawyers. Call us today on 03 9642 2116 to arrange a consultation so we can start helping you.

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