Domestic Violence

A major issue with domestic violence is that it may not always be reported to the authorities. However, once it is reported, the police are required to file an application with the court for an Apprehended Violence Order to protect the individual who made the report. The police then need to decide whether they should bring an assault charge. Although violence is hard to live with, the consequences of having the perpetrator face criminal proceedings and possible loss of employment which may cause financial and other hardship for the family may discourage a victim from filing a report. As a result these concerns, many cases of domestic violence go widely unreported. There may be other avenues in which may be acceptable solutions that Altius Partners Lawyers can assist you with if you or a family member is a victim of domestic violence.

Domestic violence is not confined to a particular act, and can be quite broad in scope. Domestic violence includes threats against an individual`s property or a person, acts against an individual or his or her property, and being a witness to such an act or threat. The courts take a very serious view of family violence. It is not a matter that goes unnoticed. Being a witness to violence in the home can be mentally and emotionally damaging to a child. It can cause long term harm to the well-being of a child. When a child is the victim of domestic violence it is important to take immediate steps to protect the child.

Domestic Violence Orders were designed to protect those who live in a domestic or family situation with a violent person. Once the application for a divorce has been duly filed, there are a number of discretionary orders which the alleged perpetrator may be subject to and which prohibit the perpetrator from communicating directly with or approaching the victim or the victim`s home or place of work.

Domestic violence can affect the court`s decision concerning child custody and parenting orders. A knowledgeable domestic violence lawyer at Altius Partners can explain your rights to you and assist you to resolve your difficulties. Evidence of domestic violence can also be considered by the courts in determining overall property settlement.

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